Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On A Roll....

....With blogging and the workout commitments. I tracked all food yesterday and worked out.

Today's Workout

2.5 minutes on the treadmill0
25 minutes on the elliptical(my legs are SO sore!)
BootCamp Workout of the day. It was definitely a fun one.
            My favorite was the "Combo 3":
            4 Soldier Kicks
            4 High Knees
            4 Plyo Lunges
            4 Mountain Climbers
             *Repeated 4 times

I finished with 150 various moves from the 300 ab challenge that I pinned from Pinterest.

It was an excellent workout!! I am already feeling it in my lower back, abs and triceps!

I have my lunch and snacks packed. I planned to NOT fail today.

I hope you have a happy Wednesday!!!

What was your workout for today??


  1. woooo! You are on a roll. I saw today's workout and it looks fun. This week I'm taking a bigger break from the bootcamp workouts because I'm working with 2 friends that are trying to be healthier and taking each of them to 2 different classes. I managed to do the burpees yesterday during TRX class because she always does cardio intervals between circuits ... I felt like a showoff doing burpees instead of her prescribed moves, but I wanted to multitask!

    1. Today's workout was fun. You are such a bad ass! Being a total show off is 100% encouraged in my book. Ha!