Friday, June 8, 2012

A Different Side of Healthy Living.

I am going to switch it up a bit around these parts today. I want to talk about a different side of healthy living.....Healthy Relationships.

In my life, I have had some very unhealthy, toxic relationships with people. I have also had some very healthy, loving relationships. Thankfully, the healthy, loving ones are the ones that have lasted.

I always seemed to have these "bad friends" or "bad boyfriends" who would gravitate to me and I would accept them. Even though, they only cared about themselves and no one else. It took them doing a lot of terrible things to me for me to realize that these people were not what I wanted/needed in my life. It took so much hurt and so much courage for me to finally walk away from these people. I had good friends and boyfriends, but I didn't realize how truly great they were until I pushed the bad out and the good were waiting with open arms.

Once I came around to my senses, I reconnected with 2 girls that truly are the best girl friends anyone could have. When I am with them, I can be who I am. They love me everyday and we keep in touch as much as possible. It always seems like when I am having a bad day, they happen to text me randomly to see how I am doing(As I typed that, one of them posted the SWEETEST BLOG and I stopped to read it). I love them. We rely on each other, we know that we can always count on each other and I adore them. I love you both and I love us!

New Years 2005, maybe?

Us 2011. 

On the boyfriend side of healthy relationships, that is going well also. I lack strong verbal communication skills. I can write out a feeling, but I can't spit it out of my mouth to save my life. He pushes me to strengthen my communication for us. He is the person I know at the end of the day will make everything okay...or better, at least. He brightens my day and always puts a smile on my face. In good times and bad we are always on the same team. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but we met on Haha. At first, he was a nice guy to talk to, but one day I said, "I want to meet you. I am coming over in 30 minutes. What is your address?" The minute he opened the door it was love at first sight(for me, he took some convincing). It's been 5 years since we met and we are still going strong! I love him more and more everyday!

The only picture of us! He hates having his picture taken!

I feel I have made some very healthy relationships in my more recent years. I have stopped dwelling on terrible relationships, and just moving on. You can't make somebody want to have a healthy relationship with you. It's taken me 27 years to realize that!


  1. I love it! It sounds like you've got some good healthy relationships going. I need to keep my friendships in check. I'm really bad about that.

  2. Love you, Tiff!!! So thankful to have you in my life. :)