Friday, March 25, 2011

3 Miles...

I completed a 3 mile run yesterday afternoon in 28:08. That is a 9:22 pace.

Mile 1: 9:16
Mile 2: 9:14
Mile 3: 9:35

I felt great afterwards, totally had that runners high. It was still a really hard run though. Then again, when I first started running a year and a half ago, it took me 15 minutes to do 1 mile. I think next week I will start following a 10k schedule and then a half, like I did the first go around. All to prep me for a marathon hopefully in December, we'll see. I slept through my alarm this morning and did not do the "30 Day Shred". Thankfully, I am off work tonight and so I will fit it in before I go to bed :)

I weighed myself on Monday and was 131.8...NOOOOOO! Then, this morning I was 128.2.....YESSSS!! I just need to continue losing. Summer is coming and I want to be the fittest I ever have been for this bikini season!

Thanks for all your suggestions on getting my running groove back! I think just running outside is going to help with a lot of that. Well that and hopefully my running buddy will start behaving and run a little slower so I can keep up with him..
If I could, he would run 7:00 miles for days, but I can't. Obviously, I am good at taking pictures of him after I dress him up. We all have our talents!

She just felt left out from the blog and wanted me to show you her talent! It's called sleep champion of the world! She is good. Pregnancy is making her even better! Lucky!

Today, I would like to know: 

Do you have any pets? What kind would you like to have, if you don't?

I obviously have 2 dogs. They are actually the first dogs I have ever had. I always wanted dogs, but my parents didn't have the time nor patience for a dog.

What is the fastest you have ever run a mile?

8:37...a few weeks ago at the gym. Speed work, baby, speed work!

Gotta go, the pregnant dog is EXTRA whiny today and needs some cuddling....STAT!


  1. awesome job on your run!!! i have a sweet mini dachshund named Riley...she is a definite sass...haha!

    I am not sure of my fastest mile...maybe 8:17? I have been injured so trying to work my times back up as of today!

  2. Woo hoo! Gotta love that runner's high!

  3. Great job on the run! And I might need to challenge you on that "Sleep Champion of the World" title. I have two dogs as well, and my smaller one would sleep all day if she wanted to!

    Like yours, my bigger dog is too fiesty to take out running... she thinks we're playing and starts jumping on my legs and pulling the leash. What a brat!