Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Motivation......

This morning, I Did Not Want To Get Out Of Bed! 4:39 came to early. I rolled over, turned the alarm clock off and thought 'another 2 hours of sleep sounds so much better'. Then I told myself......

You gotta start this Monday off right!! 

The old saying is true "you never regret a workout". I just have to keep reminding myself of that. 

Also I weighed in today at 


I usually think I will lose more. However, 1-2 pounds a week is what I am aiming for. That is much healthier for my body and my mind! If I drop 5 pounds in the first week, I get discouraged with EVERY weigh in that isn't 5 pounds down. I feel more relaxed. I know I am working out hard, getting back to running, and cleaning up my diet. I am so happy with a 2.2 pound loss.

The only problem lately is I CAN NOT SLEEP AT NIGHT!! For the past month or so I have had a hard time falling asleep. I took Melatonin last night around 9:00 and it never kicked in. I laid in bed wide awake staring at the ceiling, then I watched dumb TV shows that ALWAYS MAKE ME FALL ASLEEP and nothing! I finally fell asleep naturally at about midnight. It was rather aggravating.  Does anybody know of anything a girl can do to get some sleep?'s making me coo coo for the puffs. 

This weekend was so uneventful. Telling you about it would make you fall asleep. So, I won't. Next weekend, I promise to come back with something exciting!

How was your weekend???

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Motivation!

The alarm went off at 4:30AM today. Of course, I hit snooze until 4:39. I got out of bed and weighed myself


It just goes to show you, at my lowest I was 122. I have gained 22.6 lbs in 2 years. I am sure that next Monday, I will be much lower. Still, it is discouraging to see what I let myself become. However, the only person who can change that is me! I got out of bed this morning and hit the gym for Abs/Arms and Elliptical for 35 minutes. I felt great afterwards!

That brings us to a saying I will continue to say to myself

It is so true! I have been eating lately like the body I have, definitely not the one I want. Well, times are a changin'. Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I bought clean foods. I prepped lunches for this week and meal planned. So, I am READY TO PARTAYYYYYY!!

What is your Monday Morning Motivation?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Talking about food...

It's amazing what reading old blog posts can show you.

For the past few weeks months, I have been in a food rut. I am embarrassed to admit that I have been eating way too much fast food and not near enough veggies. Early last year through September, I was on a schedule of grocery shopping and meal prepping every Sunday. I have done that only a handful of times since then. I have allowed the "No Time To Prep Meals, So Fast Food/Restaurant It Is." It is true though....the more crap you eat, the more crap you crave. Well I am tired of eating the crap! I am tired of gaining weight! I am tired of being TIRED because of what I eat. Yes, I exercise 4-6 days most weeks, but that is not enough. My food has to change! 

When I went back and read some of my older posts(when I was maintaining a weight of 124), I realized that I was eating clean food that I love. I was putting effort into meal planning and eating food that was good for my body(and I LOVED!!). I cared to make the time to prep good meals and put thought into what I wanted to eat during the week.

This was the first camping trip of last season. That is my afternoon lunch, which was later followed up by 2 pieces of chicken and some fruit. This was a daily thing and I could NOT get enough. Veggies, Protein and a healthy carb were on tap for every meal.

I remember having so much energy. I would come home from a long run and be hustling and bustling around the house like a mad woman. Cleaning, doing laundry, playing with the pups, and going on walks with Chad. I miss having that energy and I realized it has a lot to do with what I am eating.

So, I am challenging myself this week.

  1. I will be going back to my clean eating. Also, will be doing no sweets. Cakes, cookies, candy ice cream, etc. 
  2. I will make a meal plan and prep all of my breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks.  Along with calorie counting.
  3. I will be doing LiveFit workouts before work Monday-Friday. 
  4. I will take the pups on more walks this week.
  5. I will unplug from the computer at night and just spend time with my little family. 
It is time I get my weight and eating back under control. I miss having the confidence to put on a swimsuit and not feel terrible in it.  I want to feel the way I did when I finished my half marathon. Like I was unstoppable and my goal weight was achievable!

Goal Of The Day: Grocery Shop and Meal Plan/Prep

Here's to a great week!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Weeks No Talk!

Well....the last 2 weeks have been...YIKES!! I didn't work out at all. I am not coming up with excuses, because I really don't believe in those.

The past 2 weeks have consisted of:
  • Prepping our trailer for camping season
  • Shopping for food & supplies needed for said camping season
  • Camping for 4 days
  • Court date for the guy that stole my car(TWICE!) See Story Here, Here & Here
  • My 27th birthday!!
  • Staying up far too late
  • Sleeping in 
  • Taking a lot of time to reevaluate relationships in my life
  • Having 2 mimosas and a massive migraine the rest of the day on Easter
  • And, Super Busy at work. Thankfully, I LOVE MY JOB! 
Again, they are not excuses. I am the first to admit that I could have MADE time to work out, but didn't.
    Unfortunately, I have allowed myself to let my priorities get completely out of whack! The old saying "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is 100% true. That saying runs through my head at least 10 times a day.

    However, I did get up for my LiveFit workout this morning. A little behind schedule, but I am back on the wagon :) I need to schedule my meals and track them! I realized that my food has been all over the place. Fast food, lots of carbs, little fiber and protein...which is far from where I need to be. I feel terrible. My body is always exhausted and so is my mind. It is amazing to realize the differences mentally, physically AND emotionally when I am not working out and eating well.

    I am going to continue on with LiveFit until the middle of May. I will be starting something different(more to come on that in a few days). I have LOVED LiveFit. It has given me so much confidence, strength, and definitely shown me the weight room isn't "Guys Only".

    I am working on getting back in the blogging groove, but have been so lazy lately. Blogging is back in that priorities list I was talking about ;)

    I hope you are all well. I am so excited to update you in more detail on some of the recent events happening in my house!!