Get To Know Me

Hi! My name is Tiffani. I hope you enjoy following me through this life of mine. I have been through many twists and turns and continue to work through obstacles as they come at me. 
I began a journey on August 21, 2009. It's been a journey for sure, but one I wouldn't change for the world. I started the couch to 5k program that very day. In January of 2010, I decided I wanted to kick up my running a notch and signed up for the Salt Lake Half Marathon. On April 17,2010, I completed my first half marathon in 2hours16mins on the dot. I am so very proud of that! I have completed far more than I thought I ever could.

After my first half marathon, I ran a second half marathon 6 months later. I did this with not an ounce of training and finished in 2:23:and some change. Now, although it isn't horrible, I knew I could have done better with training. 

Between Early 2011 and April of 2012, I was on a roller coaster. I would be motivated and maintaining my weight loss one day and nose diving into the box of girl scout cookies the next. On April 30, 2012, I decided this is the final change. I am going to get to my goal weight and stay there....for good!

I have a great support system surrounding me. My awesome boyfriend, Chad. Our gorgeous dogs, Abigail and Lenny. Plus, many many friends and family members!

Please say hello and tell me a little about yourself!

If you have questions, please feel free to send me an email at