Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Happy Birthday, Lisa! Lisa, It's Your Birthday?"

That is what I heard ALL DAY Saturday(4/9...I started this post a week ago.....Lame sauce!) from my "ManFriend"! I wonder if he knows my name is not Lisa? Ha...Kidding. Yes, that is from a Simpson's episode and YES...I turned 26 on Saturday April 9.

You know, I kind of felt really sad on my 26th birthday. Like something had changed when that 6 was at the end of the 2. I didn't think I would feel old, because I don't think 26 is old AT ALL! It was here and then it was gone within a few days, thankfully!

So, some sad news to report. Our first try at breeding the pup was a fail. We thought we felt puppies(so did the vet) but no dice! Hopefully round 2 means lots and lots of them :)

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I am still working out and eating well. My weight has been maintaining....even after 4 pieces of cheesecake in 4 days AND a huge birthday cake that certainly wasn't going to eat itself. I have found a midnight half marathon that I am going to train for! I have 13 weeks and I know I can do it :) I am hoping to PR! We will see!

What's new with you?

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Apologies Here.

I haven't been here because.........I have been LIVING! And one can NOT apologize for that, right?

I am maintaining my weight below 130 for now. However, I am going to push myself hard to get to my goal weight. I have been paying attention to portions and I attribute that to maintenance.

The happenings in the "Miles In Murray" household you might ask?

  • We are still preparing for puppy arrival! We can feel them on occasion now! Weeeeee! I am so excited!!!!
  • We are now doing a Winder Farms weekly delivery. For you non utahns, Winder is a farm and they have a home delivery system. They deliver milk, eggs, veggies, fruits, warm and serve meals, meat, and such. This will help me keep on track with meal planning.
  • We purchased a tent trailer yesterday!! As most of you know, my love and I are avid campers over the summer. We have been talking about getting one for 3 years now, so with puppies coming we thought let's just do it now and make it easier :)
  • We have a reef tour. It is basically an opportunity for salt water fish tankers(right word for it? Eh...) to show off what they have created. So, Saturday...all day will be dedicated to maybe 100+ people in and out of our house the whole day. It's fun to see all the people that actually care about the tank and compliment the hard work that Lover Boy has done to his gorgeous tank! Sidenote: Saturday is also my birthday. 
See, I am having lots o' fun round here :)  

I haven't worked out enough lately and my body is feeling it! It is time to set the alarm and listen to it when it goes off....no hitting snooze twice then turning it off. I have to remember that this is about me and MY health. I am tired of the 120's. I want to be in the 1teen's like NOW! So, I have lots of hard work to do, but I know it can be done.

Have you guys heard of fat2fit radio? I am just starting to listen and it rocks. However, my favorite podcast is Jillian!!!!!!!! She is so awesome! I love her the more I hear out of her mouth.

So, I am curious. I don't really talk about much else on this blog; besides health/fitness. Is there anything anyone would like to ask? You know, as a get to know me a little bit better.