Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Stella...Er...Tiff Can Get Her Groove Back?

I fell completely off the face of the earth...


It's been a crazy March, I haven't been to this corner in 2 weeks. Instead of boring you with what I have been up to, I am going to talk about my running struggle, and maybe you can help a girl get her mojo back.

Over on my old blog, I used to always talk about how much I love running and how my first half marathon was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Like, ABSOLUTELY THE BEST DAY EVER!

Now, I really just am NOT feeling it and it is making me so sad. I think because the winter months had me stuck on the treadmill so much that my want to run on it crashed and burned...Fast and Hard(That's What She Said, Right?)! I have run outside a couple of times this year and it makes my lungs feel like they are splitting open...OUCH! My legs...wait, don't get me started on that pain!

I wish I had my zest for running right now(or working out in general), but I am just not feeling it! 

And...I don't understand. How could I go from being essentially addicted to running/working out to not wanting to do it at all? I need to get my running mojo back STAT!

How do you get your running/exercise mojo back? Help a girl out, please and thank you!

Goal of the Day: Go Running! Oh, and blog about it, Darn Slacker!


  1. Keep at it . It will come back once the winter blahs are gone.

  2. may 31 IS a good day! thanks for your comment on my blog, girl!

  3. Winter is such a tough time to train. Two things got me through it. 1. I signed up for a spring marathon (nothing to motivate you like imagining hitting the wall at mile 14) and 2. I joined a running group. Getting out the door is so much easier when you know people are waiting for you, and you are tackling the miles with a bunch of friends. Or, take a break from running and do some other exercise, like zumba. Good luck!

  4. I'm in the SAME funk. I have a race coming up next month and I can't get myself out there. I forced myself to do 3 miles this morning and wasn't enjoying it. So, if you find out how to get your mojo back...send some of that inspiration to me.

  5. It is so hard to stay motivated during the winter months. I have definitely had my ups and downs. I guess the thing that is keeping me going is registering for races. Because I have paid for them I have to do them now. And because I don't want to embarrass myself I train. It is all about setting goals. For me I want to run my marathon in June in under 3:50. Think of what you really want!!

  6. Usually when I get this way I have to take a break from running, so I can come back to it fresh and fall all in love with it again.