Monday, March 12, 2012

LiveFit Day 16

Today was a day I was not expecting! I felt discouraged from the time I woke up, until....well, I still feel that way. It isn't the program, it is me. I love what lifting has brought to my life. I feel so much stronger. I have, in 2 weeks, lost a total of 3.25'' and 2.2 pounds.

However, this morning, none of my pants fit. Like NONE!!  AHHHHHH! That was a curve ball. They have been snug, yes. But, I haven't been unable to pull them all the way up and button them...until this morning.  I found a pair that my middle hangs over in, put on a cardigan, and called it good.

This morning, the weight area was PACKED. I love working out in the mornings when it is nice and leisurely. You look over at the next machine you need to use and no one is there. Not today. Every machine I needed to use always had somebody on it. So, I would skip that exercise, go to the next and come back to it. One guy sat on a machine and people watched for 5 minutes between sets. So, I just said screw it and used a similar machine. I sat down and the leg cushion pad(that you slip your legs under) slipped down and I could not get it back up. So, I just went without having the padding. No Big Deal.

My biceps are sore, my back is sore.....therefore, I call Day 16 COMPLETED!

Hopefully tomorrow starts a little earlier(4:45AM) and a little better!

How was your weekend?


  1. Way to push through even if the gym is crazy busy. If you have the time, try a later time at night... I got about 9ish on the weekends and it's always empty.

  2. Girl - you're doing great! That's amazing inches/weight loss for two weeks. Just keep it up and those pants will soon be too big!