Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning Weigh In

I told Chad last week that I "feel like an animal"! I forgot what it felt like to truly want my goal body. I lost the drive to reach my goals after I finished the Salt Lake Half in 2010. It feels good to have the "animal" drive back again. I want it and I want it bad. I will do everything I can to get it too. Not to be super skinny, but to be super fit and be super fit for life. That is my goal. I say 109 is my ultimate goal number, but really, I am positive that will change. I know it is more than a number and that scales suck! 

Monday Morning Weigh In
Last Week's Weight 138.4(which was a .2 pound gain from the previous week)
This Week's Weight 137(-1.4)

I feel good about that. I worked out 4 days last week. I did the elliptical 3 days + fitmixer boot camp workouts and just the bootcamp workout one of the days. I did eat a little too much at breakfast yesterday, but recognized it and put myself back into check for the rest of the day.

This week, it is balls to the wall. I am running Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday. I am starting week 1 of a 10k training program. I need to work my running fitness back up, as I am going to run the Halloween Half Marathon in Provo, Utah this year. My time 2 years ago was 2:2something. This year, I would like to train hard and kick butt. I will post my goals at a later date, but I really want to kick this half's butt this year. My half marathon PR is 2:16:00, which was my first of 2 half's I have ran.

I will be ellipticizing and maybe stair climbing Wednsday and Friday. Along with all 5 days worth of boot camp workouts. I will be taking last Friday's missed workout with me to do on Saturday.

We are going camping this weekend and I hope to be more active than normal. I am hoping to do the 1 mile hiking loop a few times while we are down there, along with a 3 mile run on Saturday or Sunday.

Goal for next Monday Weigh In is 134.6! I really want that 10 pound goal. I know 2.6 pounds is totally doable for next Monday. So, it is time to rock and roll!!

This week will be spent grocery shopping, packing, and final preps before camping.

Do you go camping?? If not, have you ever been camping?

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  1. Whoooo! Way to go on the near 10-lb goal. My ultimate number used to be 108. I was 110 in college and 107 the summer after college, but I had no muscle and I had to do some pretty unhealthy things to stay at that number. My healthy/happy weight is 115, and that's what I'm trying to get back to.

    But again, it's just a number. I'm getting my body fat tested today to see if my 123 is actually from muscle or if it's because I've gained a bunch of "other" weight. :)