Monday, February 27, 2012

Live Fit Day 2....I love the pain!

Yesterday, went just as planned. I did some grocery shopping last night. I had to load up on the protein I need for phase 1 ;)

I went to bed pretty late, around 10:45. When you have a 5AM wake-up call, that is really late. My alarm went off at 5AM and when I rolled over to hit snooze my first thought was, 'Oh Shiz, I really used my abs to do those pushups yesterday, and my triceps and chest YOWZA! Hurts soo soo good!' I woke up after 1 snooze at 5:10AM. I felt okay waking up....Excited, really!

Mondays at the gym are pretty dead and after the anxiety being gone, I thought I would be just fine to lift with not much competition for machines or benches. However, this morning, the gym was bangin'. I wasn't worried at all. I put my music on and just did my workout.

LiveFit Day 2
5 min light elliptical to wake me up a little.

Set 1:  Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
I had to grab an attachment for this machine. I was trying to change them out(they are awkward to change, don't you think?) and a nice gentleman walked over unclipped and helped me clip in the new attach. I was a bit surprised, because I knew how to change it. However, holding it in one hand while unclipping and reclipping a new one was a little challenging. I didn't feel stupid(which is where my anxiety comes in, I HATE FEELING/LOOKING STUPID) like I thought. He was just nicely helping me. So, Thank You Helpful Guy At The Gym :)
Anyway, I did these at 40 lbs which felt like 60% of what I could do.

Set 2:  One-Arm Dumbbell Row
I know my form on these is pretty good. I love love love row exercises. I did these with 10 lb weights.

Set 3:  Seated Cable Rows
I also did these at 40 lbs. I have always liked the row machines. My arms/back were definitely feeling this workout at this point.

Set 4:  Underhand Cable Pull Down
I did these at 40 lbs. They were just what I remembered from a few months ago when I was strength training. Ouch!

Set 5:  Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl
I did these with 10 lb weights. I felt a little awkward at first, but once I checked out my form and fixed it, I was good to go.

Set 6:  One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl
I started at 10 lbs, but could hardly lift the dumbbell. So, I switched to 8's and felt much better.

Set 7:  Standing Biceps Cable Curl
I did these at 15 lbs. I have never used this machine before, but I actually liked it.

Day 2 Complete!

Day 2 was just as tough as day 1, but I loved it! I feel my confidence growing with each workout. I know I am a newbie with a lot to learn, but I am ready for the challenge :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

LiveFit Day 1....Narrow Pushups Oh Em Gee!!

I woke up at about 8:00AM to the sounds of the Man of the House making brisket. He just got a new smoker and He. Is. In. LOVE. We had cornish game hens and smoked chicken 2 weeks ago and it was perfection!

I lounged around the house until 10:00 and then it was time for errands. Sports Authority: to return the snowshoes we rented for the day yesterday. Costco: for veggies, Dave's Killer Cinnamon Roll, and garbage bags. Harmon's(local grocery store): for apple juice to be sprayed on the brisket while it is being cooked.

After that, I decided the gym had to happen pronto, or I wouldn't go. Now, I wrote before about anxiety in the weight room. It was there today when I first walked in, but once I started my workout, I realized it is about me. I am doing this for me and my health. The anxiety was lifted and I was breathing a little easier.

LiveFit Day 1
Set 1:     Wide Pushups 3 sets of 12
                  These were fairly uneventful. I did the first set on my toes and then switched to my knees.
Set 2:     Dumbbell Bench Presses 3 sets of 12
                  I did these with 10 lbs for the 1st 2 sets and switched to 8 lbs for the last set.
Set 3:     Flat Bench Cable Flys
                 The machine I needed was in use, so I improvised and did them with the dumbbells used
                 the 10 lbs on all 3 sets for these.
Set 4:     Narrow Push Ups
                 Oh Em Gee!! These were tough. I did them on my knees and barely completed them.
Set 5:     Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extension
                 I did these with a 10 lb dumbbell. These were tough and my arms were BURNING from
                 the narrow pushups.
Set 6:     Triceps Push Down
                 I did these at 40 lbs and they were hard, so I switched to 55 and that was like my max. So,
                 I went back to 40 lbs.

Overall, the first workout was great. I had a hard time driving home because my muscles were tight. When I walked in the door, I put 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 8 ounces of water, and a handful of spinach in the blender and voila! It was sooo good! I paired it with a baby banana. They are so cute, I will share a picture on the next post. I am so excited that Annie talked me into doing this with her. I can't wait to see our results!!

Right now, we are watching 'Bridesmaids: Unrated'. It is HIlarious! 

The rest of the day will be filled with laundry and cleaning. Gotta love Sundays :)

Are you better when following a plan or doing your own thing?
I am better on a plan. That way I know what I am doing. I am sure as I get more experience in the weight room, I will be better at coming up with my own plan.

Have a great Sunday :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

No Sugar Coating....

This morning, the scale read 138.8. As far as healthy living, working out and getting to the "goal weight" goes...I have been slacking. I could use the car theft as an excuse. However, I won't. I haven't had the motivation to do anything. My size 4 jeans still fit, although too snug for my liking. I have a few things I am thinking of doing:

  1. Training for a half marathon at the end of April.
  2. LiveFit program. 
  3. Focusing on solely losing the weight and getting to my goal with cardio, weights and Jillian Michael's. 
I am always torn, especially of late, as to what I want to do.

I don't love running like I used to, but I still like it. I just hate going head on and having to work back up to "where I was before". I was averaging 9:30 miles or better. When I started, it took me 15 minutes to run/walk a mile. Now, I run a mile in 10:30ish and I always feel defeated. Ummm...hello self....maybe you should run more than 2 days a month. I have decided not to beat myself up about it because I am far better than where I started in 2008, right?

I have seen amazing results from the LiveFit program on other blogs and it really inspires me. I have always been interested in doing a "body building" type of program. Growing up, my dad and uncles were really big into body building, they even competed. I guess I just get concerned that after phase one(NO CARDIO), I would forget how to do cardio (haha). Really though, it is the fear of the weight room and the people in it that actually know what they are doing. I hate looking like I don't know what I am doing. I just need to get over that fear!

I don't necessarily feel like focusing on just weight loss is beneficial to me. I am small and carry my weight well. I think toning up is more of the way I should go, rather than killing myself over the number on the scale. However, cardio and the Ripped In 30 DVD, should make me a lean little machine.

Ahhh.....Decisions, decisions!

Any thoughts?

Catch me up on you! I miss my blogging friends! I still read everyone's blogs, but haven't been commenting much.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The One Where My Car Got Stolen-Part 3

Part One here 

Part Two: here

I look up and down the street. "Subi" is not there. *I must be effing crazy*, I thought to myself. I unlock the door, run upstairs, open the bedroom door

Me: "Babe!!!!!"
Babe: dead asleep "What??"
Me: "The car is gone AGAIN!"
Babe: "You are f*cking kidding me!!!"
He jumps out of bed, looks out the window and sure enough, the car is gone again!! AGAIIN!!!!

I call dispatch and let the operator know my car has been stolen again. I receive a call back from an officer on duty, give him the information on the car, explain to him that this is the second time(the first time it was stolen was exactly 2 weeks to the day it was stolen the second time!), and he says "Okay, we will let you know if we find anything."

I get dressed for work, call my insurance company, call my detective, let him know it happened again, and then headed to work.

Tell people at work the car is gone again, post on Facebook that the car is gone again *be on the lookout for*, and start the "waiting process" over again.

We had very credible leads that these people lived somewhere in a city about 10 minutes from us and in the following days, we drove through this city 3 times. Little did we know, we were driving past the street the car was on, but never going down it.

A lot happened over the next few days. Having your car stolen is a process...a LONG AGGRAVATING PROCESS!

Fast forward to 12/17 at 9:00AM. Babes looks at his phone and sees a voicemail from a local number.

"Hello Mr. S, I am *Guy from Police Department*. I wanted to let you know your car has been recovered and will be in evidence until approximately 12/26. It has been involved in an accident and we did take a suspect into custody. If you have questions you can call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

So, we anxiously await word on what happened, who they caught, etc.

That night, I was sitting on the couch and I kept thinking 'Who could it be?'. Until finally, it hit me. I saw a name on a stack of CD's that I had given to the detective. I decided to look it up in the 'Inmate Search' on the jail website. Hmmm...which *Dude's First Name* should I look at first. I will just start at the top. I open the first name on the list. Charges on said person, "Rec/transfer of stolen motor vehicle, fleeing causing property damage, No proof of insurance" I starting screaming his name and Babes(who I am sure thinks I am coo coo for the cocoa puffs) says, "Who's name is that?". I say, "The guy that stole our car, the guy that stole our car."

Waiting for answers starts all over again........

The next morning I get a call from an officer, he introduces himself and begins telling me the events from the morning of 12/17. He is the arresting officer. He apologizes for performing a PIT maneuver, while in pursuit of the suspect. He tells me my car is damaged, but he does not know to what extent. I spoke to him for over an hour and he really is my hero, I swear haha.

More waiting. Finally a few days after Christmas, we are allowed to see the car.

I had previously gotten pictures from a detective, but it did the damage NO justice. In person, I could tell when we got out that it was totaled. Which, the adjuster told us it was right after we introduced ourselves.

The case is ongoing, but getting closer to some sort of closure. I did get a new car, and I LOVE IT! I did have to replace quite a bit of items that were stolen from the car.

Having a car stolen to some may seem like no big deal, but it is a bigger deal than one would think. The mixed feelings I have had, the anger I have felt, the fear of having my newer more expensive car stolen, the violation I feel, the anger I feel for having some irreplaceable items stolen, and the hassle of insurance(not so much our insurance because THEY ROCK, but having to file claims/answer a million questions/constant phone calls back and forth).

Now, we are moving on and hoping this guy gets a good long sentence.

Thanks for hanging out for this 3 part story, which was only meant to be 2, but my car was stolen the 2nd time the day after I posted part one. How crazy is that?

I will be back soon, NOT talking about stolen cars ;)