Friday, February 22, 2013

Womp womp

Looks like my day of food blogging everything was a 2/3 success and 1/3 fail. I don't know how good bloggers do it. Those posts take quite a bit if time to make.

That night, I ended up having a larabar for my snack.

After work, I walked into my house and it looked like this...

It was chaos. All thanks to this beauty.

iPhone photos suck!

This is the boyfriend's new tank stand. We are doing a "tank reveal party" and I will have better pictures then to show.

Anyways, we had to go return a truck we borrowed to move the stand and by the time we did that it was almost 9 and we didn't feel like waiting an hour for dinner to cook. So, In N Out happened. I got the cheeseburger protein style. Utah is new to the whole In N Out thing and I just don't think the food lives up to the hype taste wise. Price wise, it is decent. I just don't love the food.

Overall, that day wasn't terrible food wise. My macros were pretty spot on for my goals.

The past 2 days I have been feeling a little blah. My voice is hit and miss, but I don't feel like I have a cold or sickness. I just feel like my body is worn out. So, I haven't been to the gym. I really want to go, but if this is turning into a sickness, I don't want to be the dick that spreads it around the gym lol.

That is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you are sick or feeling a little sick, DO NOT GO TO THE DAMN GYM! Every morning I see people use machines and walk away without wiping down the equipment. That is just nasty! I am going to be the crazy gym lady who brings Lysol to the gym haha.

That is my recap of the past couple of days.

What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym?


  1. I hate that, I am a firm believer that when you are sick there is no need to over tax your body with exercise. Just take a darn rest day!

  2. I hate that too!! People ask me all the time.. "should I workout if I'm sick?" UH NO!
    get better!
    My biggest pet peeve is when people talk and talk and talk during a class. Its not a damn reunion... get to work! Its just distracting