Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Gym,

Dear Sweet Gym,

I have not seen you in over a week and honestly, I miss you tremendously! I saw you yesterday and wanted to cry.

You see, I have been sick. I don't feel sick, but my body is telling me that I am. I have a stuffy nose and I am hacking up a lung a few times a day. This has been going on for 9 days now.

I have been asked (by my other true love) to not come back to you until I am 100%. I know he is right, as hacking up a lung when I am with you is not appealing to the other people who come to visit you.

However, today is different. I woke up feeling pretty good. Still have a little coughing, but no lung hacking up happening! Hallelujah!!

Tomorrow, I will be by to visit. Because I can't stand to be away from you any longer!

Miles In Murray

This is called the "sick and going to Walmart, so I don't give a f*ck" look. I have been rocking this, but tomorrow my ass will be wearing this..

And I am ready to sport the workout clothes and gym bag!

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