Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The One Where My Car Got Stolen On Thanksgiving-Part One

Please note: This is a healthy living blog, however, I am taking some time to write out the whole story of my car being stolen. We will be back to regularly scheduled blogging(once i get on top of it again!) shortly!

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, I went to the liquor store(Champagne(pronounced in our home "sham pag neee"(Yes, I did 2 parentheses in one)). I got home around 9 PM and went inside for some movies with my love and babies.

Thanksgiving morning, I got up and puttered around the house for a while. I read the paper, drank a few glasses of mimosas, played Super Mario Brothers(Addicted!!!) and started cooking dinner. Around 11:45, I decided it was time to go to my dad's to say hello and happy thanksgiving. I looked out the window and something didn't seem right. 'Where is my car?', I thought.

I asked Babes, "Did you move my car?"

"No, why would I move your car?"

I ran outside to look up and down our complex(we live in a town home) and my car was nowhere to be seen. I instantly started bawling my eyes out, "My car is missing! *Pause to process* Someone stole my F*CKING CAR!"

Babes calls the police while I am simultaneously calling the insurance company to report it stolen.

While we are waiting for the police, Babes looks out the window and says, "I think the neighbor's car was stolen, too! They are pointing to where it looks like their car would be parked."

So, I walked outside, and across the street to the neighbor's door. "I have maybe the stupidest question for you. Was your car stolen?"

"Yeah, do you know where it is?" said the neighbor kid, who also happened to be talking to the police at the time.

"Ummmm....I wish! I am sure it is with my car that has also been stolen." Mind you, I am having this conversation in short shorts, a tank top, no shoes, messed up hair, and janky "just woke up to find my car has been stolen and all I have done is cry my eyes out" face.

I said my goodbye's and walked back home to tell Babes "Yep! There's is gone too!"

15 minutes pass by and the officer shows up. He asks basic info of the car, when we last drove/saw it, if we had seen anything unusual the night before, and so on.

He was at our house for about 5-10 minutes and went to take the neighbor's statement.

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and I am EVERYDAY! However, I was not thankful to have my car stolen on that day!

The rest of the day was spent letting my family know what had happened, enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at home, and continuing to be in shock because I thought 'Nothing like this would ever happen to me!'

Car Missing Day 1: No New Information
Car Missing Day 2: No New Information
Car Missing Day 3: No New Information
Car Missing Day 4: No New Information
Car Missing Day 5: No New Information
Car Missing Day 6: No New Information
Car Missing Day 7: The phone rings at 4:59AM. We have been waiting for this call for a week!

Babes answers, "Hello!"
From the other line, "Hello, is your name blankity blank? Did you report a kind of car stolen?"
Babes, "Yes, I did!"
Other person, "Sir, do you do any kind of construction or dry wall work out of this vehicle?"
We looked at each other thinking, 'NO! Why?'

to be continued.................

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  1. OMG I'm so sorry to hear about this. I went through this before and the car was found several days later but it's really hard to drive it around knowing someone else was in here.

    Hope everything worked out and I'll be looking for the continuation of the story.