Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Happy Birthday, Lisa! Lisa, It's Your Birthday?"

That is what I heard ALL DAY Saturday(4/9...I started this post a week ago.....Lame sauce!) from my "ManFriend"! I wonder if he knows my name is not Lisa? Ha...Kidding. Yes, that is from a Simpson's episode and YES...I turned 26 on Saturday April 9.

You know, I kind of felt really sad on my 26th birthday. Like something had changed when that 6 was at the end of the 2. I didn't think I would feel old, because I don't think 26 is old AT ALL! It was here and then it was gone within a few days, thankfully!

So, some sad news to report. Our first try at breeding the pup was a fail. We thought we felt puppies(so did the vet) but no dice! Hopefully round 2 means lots and lots of them :)

I am now on Twitter----->FOLLOW ME BY CLICKING THE LINK! Thank you, in advance!

I am still working out and eating well. My weight has been maintaining....even after 4 pieces of cheesecake in 4 days AND a huge birthday cake that certainly wasn't going to eat itself. I have found a midnight half marathon that I am going to train for! I have 13 weeks and I know I can do it :) I am hoping to PR! We will see!

What's new with you?

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  1. When is that midnight half marathon? That sounds cool! I don't twitter...do you need a special phone or could you just do it on the computer? And...26..I would pay to be 26 again (somedays..not all!)

  2. Happy (belated) birthday!! I turned 26 last September and I felt the same way...something about passing 25 was sad for me. I think I picture 26 as a "real" adult and I still don't feel like one haha.

    Where is the midnight half marathon?? That sounds so cool!