Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday Morning Weigh In

Oh My Gosh!! I have so much to tell y'all. I have a line of posts I need to write, edit or publish. I better get on it.

I am a day late on yesterday's weigh in.

Last Week's Weight: 137.8
This Week's Weight: 135.0(-2.8)

I set daily workout goals last week:
Monday- Fitmixer Boot Camp after work
I did not do this. Bummer!
Tuesday- Run 2-3 miles in the AM, Fitmixer Boot Camp after work
Decided on 3 miles and did myself proud(See blog post from July 3). Again, I did not do the            bootcamp workout.
Wednesday- Elliptical for 45 mins-60 mins in the AM, Boot Camp after work
I hit the elliptical for 45 minutes like I said I would. I had the day off for the 4th of July, but did not make time to do the boot camp workout.
Thursday- Run 2-3 miles(speed work) in the AM, Fitmixer Boot Camp after work
Rest Day!
Friday- Elliptical or Stair Climber for 45 mins-60 in the AM
Rest Day!
Saturday- 3-4 miles with the dog in the AM followed by Fitmixer boot camp right after.
Rest Day!
Sunday-I went out on a 4.5 mile run and it was tough. 90 degrees+minimal shade along the way+wonky stomach=Hot Mess of a Run. However, I did run and for that I am proud!

As you can see, I sucked at meeting the goals. However, I did lose 2.8 pounds and worked out 3 days, which is a lot more than I have in the past few months. I am proud of myself for last week and feel extremely motivated to press on and do better this week. 

I have been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. So, I will be setting my alarm for 4:15AM. So, I can hit snooze twice and be up at 4:45AM. I have to make the time in the morning to do the fitmixer bootcamp, otherwise they don't get done. 

I have some fun goals this week and will be back to talk about them tomorrow. 


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