Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ahhh...that felt good!

Finally, Finally, FINALLY!!!

A workout! Yippee!

I met a friend of mine, Kari, at a new(to me) 24 hr fitness today. Kari has been asking if I want to go to a spin class and it hasn't worked out until today. The plan was yoga, as I still have a little coughing action. However, I woke up feeling so much better with a minimal cough. So I decided the gym was happening.

We warmed up on spin bikes while waiting for the spin class to start. The class was fantastic! The instructor is nice and personable. She knew how to motivate us to work at our level.

It was my first class and I will definitely be going back for Kari and I's Sunday morning dates! I have missed her.

After spin, it was yoga time! I haven't done yoga in ages. Actually the last class I did was with my mom like 14 years ago. The class was challenging, but fairly relaxing.

Overall, I was there for 2 and a half hours and burned 786 calories! It was quite the welcome back. I am looking forward to the 4:30AM alarm tomorrow.

Yes, I am crazy!

Now, let me tell you a funny (or scary depending on how you look at it) story.

We live by a pond/canal with lots of ducks, geese and even goats. Often times cars are way backed up for the geese to cross the road. Friday night, you couldn't get passed them because they were walking in a zig zag. Chad told me to go shoo them out of the road.

I jump out of the truck and run behind them telling them to move. Then, because I think I am funny, I started imitating their running. Apparently they didn't like that and started hissing at me. Haha. It freaked me out for a second, but it got them out of the road and we were able to pass them.

What was your workout this weekend?

Have you ever had to shoo something out of the road?

I hope you have had a nice weekend. Tomorrow, come back for some talk about food!

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  1. Sounds like you had quite a day, glad you got to hang out with an old friend.