Sunday, August 19, 2012

Halloween Half Week 2

This week's training went pretty well. Except for the fact that my legs were DEAD after Monday's speedy 3 miles in 28:17, which is just over a 9:25 avg pace. Yep, pretty sure I have never ran 3 miles that fast. It felt good, but it most definitely wasn't easy. I really pushed for it and I think I paid for it a little too much at the end of the week. The treadmill is also boring the hell out of me and it is hard for me to focus. So, I am hoping some of my training runs will start being done outside with only speed workouts on the treadmill. We'll see.

Anyways, here is how this week's training went down.

Plan was to rest
And Rest I did

Plan was 3 Miles and Strength
And 3 Miles at 28:17, Elliptical for 10 Minutes and Back Weights were completed

Plan was 3 Mile Pace or cardio and lifting
And resting happened

Plan was 3 Mile Run
And 15 Minutes Elliptical, 2.75 Mile Run/Walk(Run .25 at 7.0 and walk .25 at 4.0 w/ incline) and chest and abs were completed

Plan was rest
and rest I did 

Plan was 5 Mile Run
And 5.01 Miles in 53:05 were completed

Plan cross training
And...I don't know, maybe a workout DVD or Tabata workout

Saturday morning we woke up, and babe decided it was a great day to play racquetball. So, off to the gym him, our roommate and I went. I ran the 5 miles while the boy's played racquetball. All 3 of us were quite the sweaty messes when we were finished, but it set a nice tone for the day. We were active for the rest of the day. We got some cleaning done around the house. We set up some new furniture we had gotten on Friday night. Overall, Saturday was my favorite day this past week.

I felt good for the most part with this week's workouts. However, there were too many rest days for my liking. So, next week I plan on getting in all 5 workouts. I may do 6, but it depends on how I feel. My legs feel really good today, so let's just hope that continues on to next week.


  1. I've come to find that after my speed workouts I get major DOMS!

  2. Congrats on speeding up your running!! That feels soo good!! I love it. Here's to another great week of training!

  3. Good job - sounds like a really productive week and a very fun Saturday!