Sunday, February 20, 2011

Starting Over is Tough To Do!

I have not been in the right mind frame this past week. It starts strong, but then I get lazy or busy. This week started out busy busy. I worked from 8:30AM-9:15PM on Monday. Tuesday I was out of the house at 6:50AM and didn't get home until 8:30PM. That day I also spent 4 hours in my car. Leaving me not up to grocery shopping. So, I kind of just ate whatever last week. I wouldn't say I fell "off the wagon", I didn't. I overindulged in sweets. I know what my problem was, now it is just about....

Getting Back To Basics!

I logged back into I am going to try calorie counting again. I always get lazy with it, but if I make the time to track, I know I can stick to it. I also need to take more pictures for the blog to spruce this joint up a little bit. My food scale is going to be my best friend for sure.

Today's Goal of the Day: Log in all of the foods I eat regularly onto SparkPeople. That way it will be easier to track.


  1. YOU WORK SO MUCH!!! I would be absolutely exhausted with that schedule!!! Seriously girl you are on fire. I have never tried sparkpeople....I am interested to see how it works for you!! You are amazing. That is so cool that you worked at Pizza Factory....that is my favorite place ever and yay for costco!! Have an amazing day and I think you are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow that exhausts me just reading it. I'm amazed that you survived - you are not lazy, that's for sure! Good luck with your goal, I'm sure you'll do great!

  3. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog!

    It looks like we are in the same situation with starting over- only mine is with Running.

    Are you following a training program for your half or running whatever you feel/can each day?

  4. Hi Alisha, Thanks for coming over!

    I follow the Hal Higdon training programs. I have loved them everytime! I think he offers a great plan to help one get into great shape :)