Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being Proud of Me!

I bey y'all thought you lost me forever! You thought wrong! I am just keeping busy busy with life and such.

Let's talk about Saturday's long run. You can see all of my workouts on my 1/2 training page. I did the first 3 miles on the treadmill and then wanted to die of boredom poke my eyeball out stop. So, I thought it best to go home and pick up my running bud, Lenny for a 3 miler. That dog is fast! He pushed me hard. Our first mile was an 8:59 pace, to which I replied "Holy Sh*t!" That is my fastest mile ever. Then, a 9:06 and finished it up with a 10:00 pace. Lenny wore me out too fast. Ah well, I learned from that for sure. So, my long runs will be a slower pace and may just happen by myself..ha!

This morning, I hit up the gym at 6:15ish. I had about 30 minutes to put in a quick workout so I chose the treadmill. The first treadmill I hopped on made a screeching noise when the belt was moving. So, I hopped on another treadmill and it was the same thing. I decided running just wasn't in the cards and hopped on an elliptical. After 11 minutes, I was bored because I forgot my iPod. So, I decided I would find a treadmill that didn't suck! I ran the first mile at a 9:34 pace. The second I did intervals and ended with an 8:28 pace! The funny thing is, I felt that if I slowed to a 9:00 mile or so I could continue on with my workout! That has never happened!

So, good for me, right?

Anyways, I will be back later with a more entertaining post!

Question: Is there a person/pet that keeps you insanely motivated?
Mine is definitely Lenny! Whenever I am in a slump I know that crazy cute dog is up for a run :)

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  1. Awesome job on the running!

    My dog Beans keeps me pretty motivated because she's so active. She's a bigger dog than my other one so she has a lot more stamina too.

    Keep it up!