Monday, January 31, 2011

I Love Weekends

Friday's Goal of the Day: Going out to dinner for a friends birthday tonight and I would like to be conscientious of what I eat and how much of it!

How did I do? I did fantastic. I started with a house salad and red wine vinaigrette and I ordered the seafood pasta. I ate most of the salad and less than half of the pasta. I loved the scallops in it!

Weekend Goal: (1)Try to maintain an eating schedule as close to the weekdays as possible. (2) Walk/Run a half marathon distance on Saturday.
How did I do? (1) I maintained a decent eating schedule this weekend and didn't go overboard on the food. (2) I did more than half complete this. I speed walked 8 miles on the treadmill Saturday morning. It took under 2 hours. Then, I came home and got Lenny for a 5 mile run....that turned into a 1 mile run. I had a very emotional Saturday and I really wanted to complete it all, but I have a lot going on in my life and I let my head get the better of me :( Oh well, 9 miles is better than nothing, right? Plus, I was SO SORE all day yesterday and during this mornings workout.

Today's Workout: 10 Minute elliptical warm up followed by a 3.0 mile run in 28:33 that is a 9:31/mile pace. On the treadmill, that is awesome!

This morning I weighed 128.6, which is up from 2 weeks ago of 127.6. That is fine by me. I am definitely gaining some muscle, as I am sore just about everyday. I will start strength training about 4 days a week. At first, I will do the Jillian Michael's DVD and then once I have a good base, I will work in a few gym strength training sessions a week.

On today's agenda, I work from 8:30AM-5PM. Then, head to the part time gig from 6PM-9PM.

How was your weekend?


  1. Great runs! Don't beat yourself up over the shortened distance day! Maybe your body just needed the rest. :)

    I had an awesome and *rewarding* weekend. :)

  2. Way to go, Tiff! I'm proud of you :)

  3. 9 miles is awesome! Way to go! I'm impressed with your dining out restraint, I always overdo it at restaurants. Luckily I'm a poor teacher so I can't afford to eat out much! Sounds like you rocked your goals this weekend.:)

  4. Glad I found you on your new site... forgot that you "moved" here.

    Anyway, great job with the goals!