Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crazy Lady.

That run I told you I was going to do last week. I absolutely DID it. Done and done!!! Not only did I complete the run, I did it in 20:26. That is 10:11 per mile. I am so proud of myself. What a great time. I did have to stop a few times because I felt like I was going to poop myself from 1/2 mile to 1 1/2 mile. Okay, no strike through on that, it is true. In the end, I figured if I popped myself at least Chad could pick me up. Ha! In the end, my guts chilled out and I was fine.

I have been pinning like crazy. I have so many fun workouts I want to do. I am going to start with a "300 abs challenge". I will definitely do before and after photos for fun.

Lately, I have had so many blog posts come to mind and I forget them as soon as I sit down to write them. I will have to find my brain someday.
I'm sexy and I know it.

This week I have not worked out 1 time, not once. I have been having insomnia still and O. M. G. I am so over it, for real. I want to get up at 4:30AM to go to the gym. I really really do! Here's to hoping tomorrow I can pull it off. For now, I have a Runner's World to dive into while my Melatonin kicks in :)

What is your favorite time to workout??


  1. At least it is just Tuesday and you haven't been to the gym. Not sooo bad :)

    I love working out after work to relieve tension and stress. Plus, 4:30 is FAR too early for me these days.

  2. bathroom issues are always on my mind when I work out... at least I'm not the only one. =)

    Great job on the run!