Monday, February 27, 2012

Live Fit Day 2....I love the pain!

Yesterday, went just as planned. I did some grocery shopping last night. I had to load up on the protein I need for phase 1 ;)

I went to bed pretty late, around 10:45. When you have a 5AM wake-up call, that is really late. My alarm went off at 5AM and when I rolled over to hit snooze my first thought was, 'Oh Shiz, I really used my abs to do those pushups yesterday, and my triceps and chest YOWZA! Hurts soo soo good!' I woke up after 1 snooze at 5:10AM. I felt okay waking up....Excited, really!

Mondays at the gym are pretty dead and after the anxiety being gone, I thought I would be just fine to lift with not much competition for machines or benches. However, this morning, the gym was bangin'. I wasn't worried at all. I put my music on and just did my workout.

LiveFit Day 2
5 min light elliptical to wake me up a little.

Set 1:  Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
I had to grab an attachment for this machine. I was trying to change them out(they are awkward to change, don't you think?) and a nice gentleman walked over unclipped and helped me clip in the new attach. I was a bit surprised, because I knew how to change it. However, holding it in one hand while unclipping and reclipping a new one was a little challenging. I didn't feel stupid(which is where my anxiety comes in, I HATE FEELING/LOOKING STUPID) like I thought. He was just nicely helping me. So, Thank You Helpful Guy At The Gym :)
Anyway, I did these at 40 lbs which felt like 60% of what I could do.

Set 2:  One-Arm Dumbbell Row
I know my form on these is pretty good. I love love love row exercises. I did these with 10 lb weights.

Set 3:  Seated Cable Rows
I also did these at 40 lbs. I have always liked the row machines. My arms/back were definitely feeling this workout at this point.

Set 4:  Underhand Cable Pull Down
I did these at 40 lbs. They were just what I remembered from a few months ago when I was strength training. Ouch!

Set 5:  Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl
I did these with 10 lb weights. I felt a little awkward at first, but once I checked out my form and fixed it, I was good to go.

Set 6:  One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl
I started at 10 lbs, but could hardly lift the dumbbell. So, I switched to 8's and felt much better.

Set 7:  Standing Biceps Cable Curl
I did these at 15 lbs. I have never used this machine before, but I actually liked it.

Day 2 Complete!

Day 2 was just as tough as day 1, but I loved it! I feel my confidence growing with each workout. I know I am a newbie with a lot to learn, but I am ready for the challenge :)

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  1. OMG I just can't believe how excited I am that I get to follow along your LiveFit journey. I think you've inspired me to post about it as well.

    I loved day 3 when I did it over this weekend and my hammies are still hurting today! LOVE working lower body.

    Keep it up girl!