Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life Lately...

Almost 2 months has passed since my last post. Yikes! I would like to post more, but holy crap life gets in the way of that sometimes.

I haven't given up on the healthy lifestyle. I just added more and changed my schedule up quite a bit, which leads little to no time to blog.

Currently, this is a typical day or me:

3:30AM Alarm goes off and I am out of bed. Trying to avoid the snooze button these days.

3:35-3:55AM Get dressed, brush teeth, grab gym bag, make pre workout drink and get out the door.

4:00AM At the gym ready to workout.

4:00AM-5:30AM weights and cardio.

5:30AM-6:20AM Shower and get ready at the gym.

6:30-8:10AM Get the boyfriend out the door to work, prep meals for the day, tidy the house, feed dogs, play with dogs, let dogs potty/walk the dogs, fill fish tanks with water, pack water and meals for work, and leave for work

8:30-5:15 work. Throughout the day I eat 3 meals.

5:15-5:30 drive home from work

5:30-9(or 10:30ish) clean house, make and eat dinner, clean up dinner, watch a little TV, play with dogs, feed dogs, Instagram/read blogs/play on Internet. Plan workout for the next day, pack gym bag(i get ready for the day at the gym), eat before bed snack, read and hopefully fall asleep at a decent time.

Geesh! No wonder why I am so tired some days.

Because I can't resist, I leave you with pictures of my sweet dogs!

Always guarding her pig ears, but never finishing it! Haha. Girl cracks me up!!


  1. Up at 3:30 - girl you are crazy! But good for you for getting it done!

    1. Haha....I am really crazy! I never thought this would be me, but once I got used to it, it wasn't that bad.