Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Currant Creek AKA picture overload

This past weekend the man and I took a 4 day trip to Currant Creek Reservoir in Utah.

I love camping with my little family so much.

On the way up, we stopped to get some drinks. I tried pellegrino for the first time and didn't really care or it.

Abigail sat with Chad most of the way up. Isn't she adorable?

After we got set up, we played a quick game of dominoes, and by quick game I mean I got my ass handed to me...in 3 moves! Yikes!

Next stop was getting fire wood. By far my least favorite camping duty.

The view from our favorite spot is incredible. Especially when the sun is setting or rising. Sadly, I got zero pictures of either.

Finally it was time for some wine out of a box. I sure am a classy lady.

Putting the "ass" in "class" right there. Oh and you can kind of see the sunset.

The moon was crazy bright every night. I went outside to let the pups go potty at 2 AM and it looked more like 10 at night. It was awesome!

We watched rush hour before bed. Didnt I catch Chris Tucker's and Jackie Chan's faces perfectly? Haha. (Side note: I kept saying Chris Rock and Bruce Lee crack me up in this movie. Uhh, yeah....I am dumb sometimes.)

Daddy's little girl, for sure!

We got up Saturday and headed back to salt lake for a wedding that night.

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures at the wedding. The bride looked gorgeous and I am so happy for the couple!

After the wedding, we headed back up the mountain. My brother and his girlfriend(who I adore) were waiting for us. No pictures of them this weekend though. Boo! I am lame!

Between fetch and swimming, it is safe to say our boy had more fun than anyone.

He has only gotten out of bed 1 time since yesterday. I love sleepy Lenny, so cute!

Food was pretty darn good this weekend.

Breakfast was eggs, turkey bacon, pancakes, and fruit
Lunch was salad with chicken
Dinner was steak or chicken and salad
Snacks were green juice(homemade), Greek yogurt with cereal and fruit, carrots, and some cheez-it's hopped in my mouth.

Overall we had a blast this weekend.

Do you go camping?
We go about 6 times a year.
What is your favorite part of camping?
I love just hanging out with our little family and the relaxation of it all!

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