Sunday, November 25, 2012

Talking About Workouts

I was so excited to throw a post up last Monday all about my workouts. However, someone *cough* me *cough* got injured AGAIN!

Let's back up a little. Last I left off, I was training for the Halloween Half Marathon. Training was going well, I was certain I would beat my previous time, and WHAM! Knee and ankle pain hit me hard! I took some time off, R.I.C.E.'d, and focused on lifting with light cardio. After a week, I gave it another chance and it was a no go. I was extremely bummed about missing the half, but I didn't want to get injured further. So, I took off 3 weeks from running.

In the 3 weeks I took off, I decided that I wanted to focus on gaining speed and endurance. So, I downloaded a couch to 5k app. I was all set and ready to run.

The first workout was great. I did the walking parts in a light jog at a 5.0 on the treadmill and the running parts were at a 6.5. I felt terrific. Like I could run on that damn treadmill forever. The second workout was much the same.

The third workout I decided to pick it up a little. I did the jogging parts at varying speeds 5.2-5.8. The running I kept at 6.5. After the workout, I felt fantastic. This was last Monday. I came home and started getting ready for work. In the shower my back was a little sore, but I didn't think much of it. Throughout the day, I had nagging pain, but tolerable. By 5 o'clock, it was excruciating! I took a hot bath at 1AM, that didn't help. I iced and it felt a little better. Enough for me to get some sleep at least.

Tuesday and Wednesday I took ibuprofen every few hours, iced, and applied a heating pad to my back. Today is Sunday and it still isn't better! I mean, it's better, but not back to normal.

I don't know at what point I got the injury, and I am not sure it is from working out. I do know that I have taken the week off from working out, just in case. I just hope it isn't from running. I was just starting to love it again.

Tomorrow, I am going to go to the gym in the AM for some elliptical action. Depending on how I feel after that, will be what next weeks workouts look like.

Here's to hoping my back quits being a jerk!

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