Sunday, October 7, 2012


It is no secret that I have been wanting and trying to get to my goal weight for quite some time.

I found when I was training for my first half marathon, calorie counting worked for me, but this time around not so much.

My bestie did a whole life challenge and had amazing results.

I have wanted to try eating more paleo, but always thought it looked like too much work and I thought I would get bored with the food choices.

Let me tell you though, it is not boring at all! It is actually really fun.
Check out tonight's dinner

Excuse the iPhone photo. Ha! That is macadamia nut/shredded coconut encrusted tilapia with roasted veggies and honey mustard dipping sauce. The honey mustard was made out of homemade paleo mayo, mustard, and honey. It was simple, but delicious!

I have so many fun things I have been eating!
Paleo spaghetti
Chicken salad in butter lettuce leaves
Eggs sunny side up on salads
Nut butter and banana most nights for dessert
The list goes on and on.

I am about 75% paleo now. I would like to be more like 90-95%. It does take work, but it is worth it.

Since going paleo, I have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks and I couldn't be happier with that.

I feel better about myself, my skin is clearing up, running has been easier, and I sleep better at night.

I look forward to sharing more meals with you soon.

On the running front, this week was good. It was a step back week. I love step back weeks. Sometimes my body just needs a rest. It was definitely ready for the rest this week. I do look forward to the 11 miles next Saturday.

I have been slacking on the lifting, but I look forward to getting back to it this week.

have you ever eaten paleo style?

what is your favorite strength training move? And what muscle group is your favorite to workout?


  1. Hey Girl!
    I have not tried this new eating style; however, I have heard great things about it. Hmm...I would have to say that my favorite muscle group to work has to be a toss up between shoulders and back!!! To be honest, I love every exercise that works these two groups. Not that you asked, but my least favorite=abs!!!

    1. Oh my gosh, I am so not an abs girl either! That is my trouble zone and it is no wonder why. Hahaha